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How GoSite Helped Over the Top Movers Become Busier Than Ever

Steven Montoya is the owner and operator of Over the Top Mover. See how his success with GoSite Payments and Reviews has made his company busier than ever.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
2 min read

Over the Top Movers is a locally owned and operated moving company in Austin, Texas. Owner, Steven Montoya, had over ten years of experience in the moving industry—which inspired him to start his own company.

He set out to be his own boss and created Over the Top Movers nearly a decade ago. What started as a small project became his main focus at the close of 2019.—focusing most strongly on it at the close of 2019.

Steven wanted to expand his business and gain more traction, so he turned to GoSite in 2020. Hear straight from him how GoSite Payments and Reviews simplified the day-to-day process for his company.

The Situation

Steven’s main struggle when it came to operating Over the Top Movers was the absence of a consolidated and reliable payment method.

“It was hard for me to take payments with a credit card, but with the GoSite Payments option, it was just very easy.”

-Steven Montoya
CEO, Over the Top Movers

In a recent interview, Steven explained that it was difficult for him to process credit card payments for clients  without cash apps like Venmo, PayPal, etc. Steven would take traditional forms of payment—such as cash and checks—and mobile payments only if his customers had access to these types of payment applications.

On top of this, Steven struggled when it came to reviews. Without current, accurate, and frequent client reviews, it was difficult for Over the Top Movers and his team to stand out from competitors and one-off moving providers.

“It’s another way of certifying peace of mind, on the clients’ side, that I’m not just any person trying to do moving jobs.”

GoSite’s Solution

Since adopting GoSite’s platform, Steven has enjoyed sending simple payment reminders and requests to customers. He describes Payments as a “user-friendly” and “quick” way for his customers to process transactions.

Additionally, the GoSite Reviews tool has also simplified the process for Steven and Over the Top Movers.

“They can put reviews on Google or Facebook. That’s helped me out a lot too because people base services off of reviews, especially if they don’t know your business.”

Steven loves that he has given his clients tools like Payments and Reviews. He explained that these two features alone have made his company “more business professional.”

It’s exciting to note that Over the Top Movers has been busier than ever. GoSite is proud to play a role in its development, as well as the expansion of other small businesses just like Steven’s.

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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