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How Locals Are Using CRM for Small Business

Can a CRM for small business help your local company grow? You betcha! Learn how other small business owners are using it to their advantage.

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Every business relies on customers -- but for local owners, you have to be more diligent about your interactions with them. A national or global company has millions of potential customers to attract.

This isn't the case when you're relying on a local market.

You have to put more effort into fostering relationships with your customers so they turn into long-time loyal fans. It's easier to achieve this when you're using a CRM.

Let's take a look at how you can use CRM for small business.

Wait...What is a CRM?

In case you're not familiar -- a CRM is a customer relationship management system. It's a tool that allows you to keep track of all your customer's data, such as their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

Then you can take it further by including items or services they purchased. This will help you to segment your customers for unique promotions.

And that's just one of the ways locals are using a CRM for small business. Here's a look at several other scenarios.

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Manage a Growing Customer Base

Tim runs a restaurant in Virginia that collects emails from customers. He then sends free monthly newsletters with recipes to his subscribers. Within the first year, his collection has grown by over 60%, making it difficult to keep up with all the data.

So he decided to adopt a CRM for small business. With this, he's able to store all of his customers' emails and even reach out to them via the platform.

With this setup, he can ensure he's prepped to maintain contact with his fast-growing customer base.

Streamline Marketing & Sales

Jan runs a beauty salon in the center of Miami, FL. She heard about CRM for small business and how it can help to organize customer data. But rather than just storing the data, she can use the CRM to enhance her marketing and sales strategies.

Once she set up her CRM, she was able to organize her customers based on different criteria. For example, she segmented her male and female clients, and those that choose additional services, such as eyebrow and eyelash work.

This enables her to send out special promotions based on their spending habits, as well as the frequency of visits. If a customer is due for another visit soon, she can send out a personalized coupon to ensure they set an appointment.

Establish Organization for a Startup

Nicky just started a new landscaping service. It's only two months after its launch, and he's already getting dozens of calls per week. Luckily, he had a CRM for small business in place to organize all of his leads and customers.

With his CRM, he can see who's converted and who hasn't. With this data, he can nurture leads by sending out special deals based on their needs. For instance, he can segment leads by type of property -- single-family homes, multi-family units, offices, and retail.

Improve Customer Service to Grow Loyalty and Retention

April has no problem getting customers. However, she struggles with keeping them. This means she has to spend a lot of money and effort on lead generation.

Because of her constant focus on lead gen, she's having issues with growth. So to get out of the stagnant stage, she adopted a CRM for small business.

With this in her marketing arsenal, she's able to focus on both her leads and her customers. She's even segmenting her lists so she can email personalized promotions, tips, and news.

crm for small business-3

Optimize Customer Touchpoints

Luis runs a local business that offers mobile and on-site services. Plus, he has an online website and social media profiles. This gives him plenty of touchpoints with his customers.

Keeping track of them all is another story, though.

He heard how a CRM for small business could help make this easier. So he integrated one and gave access to his marketing and sales team.

Now, they're able to communicate with customers in real-time, respond to online reviews, and send out email blasts for segmented campaigns. Plus, there's a way to allow his customers to schedule calls and book appointments online.

This helps him to follow the trail to conversion for his leads.

Could You Benefit from CRM for Small Business?

If you're a local small business, then the answer is definitely yes. Every business can and should use a CRM to aid in growth and customer satisfaction.

Who doesn't want that for their business?

Unfortunately, some small business owners think CRMs are only for larger corporations. This was true in the past because the prices were outrageous.

Thankfully, there are CRM for small business solutions that are within your budget.

GoSite's CRM offers all the features needed to manage and organize your customer data (while maintaining your connection with them). And you won't have to break your bank to obtain it.

If you'd like to learn more before you commit, then download our free Guide to Growing Your Business with CRM today!

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