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How a Picture Hanging Business Quadrupled Its Clients

The minds behind Picture Hanging ATL talk about how the right digital tools empower them to grow their local business, build awareness, and nurture strong relationships with their clients.

GoSite Team
5 min read

When Troy Smith started his picture-hanging business, he earned just enough to pay the bills. He was getting by from day to day — making $15 an hour, working three to four hours, and making the most of his side hustle on the weekend. 

Fast forward to the present and Troy now finds himself managing a growing local business and handling multiple jobs from Monday to Sunday. He and his business partner are always busy answering queries and booking appointments all day long. 

What changed the game for Troy and Picture Hanging ATL? A leap of faith and a powerful online business platform to reach and manage customers.

Turning Vision Into Reality

Generating leads was the main problem. Troy was getting customers mainly from word-of-mouth, and he needed to boost his business’s online presence and raise awareness about his services.

“I’ve always had this idea, I’ve always wanted to tell people that ‘hey, I’m really good at hanging pictures, I can help you arrange them, and do gallery walls. Trust me, it’s worth it.’ It’s really hard to convey that message to people,” Troy says.

“GoSite has been helping me communicate my vision, connect to my customers, and get the word out to my communities.”

-Troy Smith, Picture Hanging ATL


Converting Leads To Repeat Customers

Now, Troy and his team are maximizing both GoSite and Thumbtack to build and nurture strong relationships with customers. With integrated digital tools in a single business platform, they can message their customers, allow them to book online, and turn leads into repeat customers.

Picture Hanging ATL Testimonial 1 (1)

Thumbtack as an online directory for generating leads has been doing great for Picture Hanging ATL. But an online directory alone won’t cut it for Troy’s growing business. With the GoSite + Thumbtack integration, businesses get a simplified, more efficient way to boost business leads and engage more customers.

“We use Thumbtack to say, ‘hey, go to’ And then everything happens through GoSite. Clients love that they can easily book. It’s more intimate, we get repeat business because of it.”

-Shawnee Jones, Picture Hanging ATL 


How To Leverage The Thumbtack + GoSite Integration

Read on to learn more about how the Picture Hanging ATL team uses Thumbtack + GoSite to run their business. Get more insights and tips to make these digital tools work for you.

Build a strong profile on Thumbtack

Optimize your Thumbtack profile by including all important information like your availability, location, working hours, services, service areas, and the like.

First things first, make sure that your business is listed on Thumbtack.

“A lot of our business comes through Thumbtack. It’s among the main platforms that clients use to reach out to us and tell us the specifics of their picture hanging requirements.”

-Shawnee Jones, Picture Hanging ATL

Connect Your Thumbtack to GoSite

By integrating your Thumbtack account to GoSite, you can maximize all the digital tools that can supercharge your business growth. Increase your sales by:

Letting customers book online

With GoSite’s online scheduling tool, business owners can stay on top of a full calendar. Plus, they can reduce no-shows with automatic text confirmations and reminders for customers.

Picture Hanging ATL Testimonial 2

Use instant messaging to nurture connections

What Troy and Shawnee are looking forward to exploring is how to use the Messenger tool to their advantage. Instead of replying to every inquiry on Thumbtack, they can use GoSite’s Messenger tool to engage with all their prospects and contacts.

That’s because the tool serves as a centralized messaging hub where you can manage all conversations across platforms — Google, Facebook, and Thumbtack. It saves time and effort and lets businesses connect with customers in whatever channel they prefer.

Get Reviews

With GoSite, businesses can easily grow their online presence with automated reviews. They can send review requests via email or SMS or even make it exciting for customers to leave reviews through review request links. 

“The good thing is a lot more traffic has been coming in from the internet, from Google. We have 25 GoSite reviews and they’re all 5-star. When people Google us, we pop right up and come on top. That’s because of the reviews.”

-Troy Smith, Picture Hanging ATL 

Accept Online Payments

The team behind Picture Hanging ATL is taking the Thumbtack + GoSite integration to the next level by exploring how they can use the platform to accept online payments. That means all interactions — from messages to bookings to payments — can be done in one complete digital platform. 

Businesses get paid faster when they let customers pay online. Plus, the overall experience is made easy for both customers and businesses because payment requests, invoices, and reminders are sent at the tap of a button. 

Learn how GoSite x Thumbtack can help your business grow by Starting a Free Trial today!


Transform Your Local Business With Powerful Reviews
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