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GoSite Blog Team - Meet the Writers!

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GoSite Team
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Here at GoSite, we work hard to produce blog content that helps you grow your local service business.

Delivering high-quality blogs requires hours of research, service pro interviews, writing, and editing. We are privileged to serve small business owners in the United States in this way, creating a vibrant hub of free resources.

The GoSite Writing Team

Ken Fortney - Senior Content Manager & SEO Specialist

Ken Fortney2

Ken joined GoSite in 2022 and got to work revamping blogs and delivering a regular schedule of in-depth, industry-specific articles and guides. Since his blog reconstruction work began, GoSite blog traffic has increased by more than 120%. Also, Ken's blog content has allowed over 700 small business owners to connect with GoSite experts and successfully introduce simple technology to grow their business.

Both a Marine Corps veteran and former local business owner, Ken has been able to bridge the gap between small business tech (GoSite) and owner-operator day-to-day struggles. In addition to managing guest posts and GoSite content, he also writes many of the blogs himself.

Nick Saraev - Owner of

Nick Bio Image

Nick partnered with Ken at the start of 2023 to help level up GoSite's blog content production. Since Nick began working with GoSite, blog traffic has increased by over 100%. We are grateful to Nick for his stellar writing quality and dedication to helping a local owner-operator audience that is not always technologically-inclined.

Aside from his partnership with GoSite, Nick Saraev is an accomplished business writer and finance specialist. He's been featured in publications like Apple News & Popular Mechanics, and loves teaching companies how to improve the quality of their customer acquisition process.

Helping Local Service Providers Grow in a Digital Age

Creating great blog content for a predominantly owner-operator audience is easier said than done. These critical small business owners are the backbone of local economies across the United States. Most are overworked and unfamiliar with business tech tools.

Additionally, nearly all of these business owners lack enterprise budgets and cannot afford the kind of technology that big businesses use. As a result, they require solutions and information that is straightforward, concise, and relevant to their hands-on business processes.

Without our writing team, we would be unable to service the thousands of small business owners we help today. Thank you, Ken and Nick, for all your hard work!

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GoSite Team
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