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Free Construction Estimate Templates for Your Next Gig

General contractors have enough delays to worry about. Creating professional quotes shouldn’t be one of them with these handy estimate templates and tips. 

Claire Grady
3 min read

Are the job sites keeping you busy? We’re not surprised. Dodge Construction Outlook of 2021 reported construction in the U.S. increased by 4% this year to a whopping $771 billion industry. When it comes to construction businesses, IBISWorld reported business growth increased by 2% this year compared to last year, with more than three million active construction businesses in the U.S. 

With the rise in construction work, it’s no wonder that you and other business owners may need more support with the backend work like putting estimates together and sending final invoices. To help, we've created two simple estimate templates you can use for your next quote. Keep reading for tips on what to include to ensure clear communication with future clients. 

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Free Editable Templates

General contractor punching numbers into a calculator.

Send professional, no-fuss estimates with the two templates below. Make a copy of each template and tweak them to your liking to better fit each project. Add your logo or brand colors to match your business. 

  • Template 1 includes a description of the work. 
  • Template 2 includes a list of materials and a description of the work.

What Should Estimates Include?

Construction worker cutting wood in a client's backyard.

There are a few key pieces of information that all estimates and invoices should include. First, be sure to list your contact information and the information of the potential client. Each project and job site is different, so including your lead's information indicates the estimate was created specifically for them and cannot be transferable. 

You’ll also want to include details about the job itself: 

  • What kind of work does the job entail? 
  • Is there potential for any change orders? 
  • Do you expect delays in supplies due to national shortages? 
  • Will you follow certain COVID-19 safety measures?

Finally, list any payment details and requirements. Highlight due dates, potential late fees that may incur, and any financing options you offer. Make it easy for your clients by implementing an automated payment process into your business model.

Ask for a Deposit

General contractor shaking hands with a client.

A deposit is standard practice for many service-based businesses—especially construction as you need to procure materials. Include the following deposit details in your estimate: 

  • Due date. 
  • Amount (percentage or flat rate). 
  • Accepted payment methods. 
  • Project-related costs the deposit will be used for (optional). 
  • Projected timeline or next steps after receiving the deposit. 

If you don’t receive the deposit by the due date, we recommend sending a quick reminder to your client by text, email, or phone. 

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Claire Grady
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