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GoSite Tools Change Aqua Maids Cleaning Service "100% For the Better"

See how this San Diego home cleaning company used GoSite to streamline business operations and strengthen their client relationships.

GoSite Team
3 min read

Cheryl Hardy is the owner and operator of San Diego home cleaning service company, Aqua Maids Cleaning Service.

In July 2020, she was struggling to manage her team, showcase her services to new clients, and take care of her current customers all at the same time. She decided that she needed an alternative way to manage her business and maximize growth.

“I tried to do it myself and it didn’t work. I can’t do the tech part, and the cleaning part, and manage the business.”
-Cheryl Hardy

In a recent interview, Cheryl quickly declared that GoSite has “changed [her] business 100% for the better.” Our all-in-one platform has ultimately helped her increase revenue, improve customer communications, and run her business with ease. Check it out below!

How Payments Expanded Their Client Base

Before switching to GoSite, Cheryl found it difficult to facilitate transactions.. She was frustrated by the complexity of too many tools and a lack of consolidation.

“I didn’t have a streamlined payment method for my customers to pay me directly. I’d have to use PayPal and things like that, which wasn’t working.”
-Cheryl Hardy

Upon switching to GoSite, Cheryl was introduced to the Payments tool—and thrilled about it. She finally had a way to take credit card payments from customers without the struggle of third-party cash apps.

She raved about how much this one tool alone has improved her cleaning business by simplifying the way she takes credit card payments.

“The Payments tool makes it easier for my customers to pay me and it’s actually brought my business to another level.”
-Cheryl Hardy

She spoke of a situation where a vendor was able to make a payment right through her website despite the fact they live in New York. The idea that GoSite allows her to have a country-wide client base was game-changing. She appreciates that the Payment tool “makes it easy for [her] to get paid and have a relationship with many vendors.”

How Messenger Improved Their Client Relationships

Cheryl understands that at the end of the day, people want to work with people. For her and her business, having great communication and positive rapport with her customers is a top priority.

One way she maintains these relationships is through the GoSite Messenger tool. Cheryl was excited to talk about how this application makes it easier to talk with customers one-on-one and respond to them faster.

“The Messenger app has made it possible to immediately respond to my customers in a timely manner. It’s improved my client relationships 100%.”
-Cheryl Hardy

Business Before and After GoSite

Like many small business owners, Cheryl wanted a streamlined way to take payments, talk to customers, display her services, and ultimately scale her company. She was looking for a platform to help her do all of this that didn’t cost a fortune. Lo and behold, she found GoSite.

She explains that over a year ago, before turning to GoSite, her “business was not doing as well as it is now.”

Organization was another priority for Aqua Maids Cleaning Services. In the interview, Cheryl speaks to how GoSite helps her organize and streamline her business processes day in and day out.

All tools aside, Cheryl also made note that she is “so grateful to have a team of experts on [her] side from GoSite.”

We take pride in helping small business owners just like Cheryl when it comes to developing and growing their business. GoSite aims to improve processes for entrepreneurs anywhere, so we encourage you to give us a try and see how we can change your business “100% for the better” too.

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