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7 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic in the Pest Control Industry

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GoSite Team
4 min read

Bringing in new and returning business can be a challenge. And for many of us, it’s the least favorite part of our pest control work.

Effective marketing, however, doesn't have to be super expensive or multi-layered. You can do a lot to grow your business by using the resources you already have. Here are a few creative ideas to get you thinking.

Create an Online Presence

We all know the internet has changed how we do business, but some industries have been a bit slower to adapt. Pest control, lawn services, and home repairs don’t often bring to mind an engaging online presence.

However, a recent Google study found that nearly 90% of consumers use online search engines to find local businesses, including home services.

Your website is the first impression many potential customers will have of you and your business. Your online presence doesn’t need to be overly involved, but be sure it is up to date, easy to navigate, and includes pertinent information such as contact info, services offered, areas served, and possibly pricing.

Social Media Contests

Encourage your clients to engage on social media by organizing contests and awarding prizes. By creating engagement, your page will find its way into recommendations and newsfeeds for your clients’ followers, thus reaching countless potential new customers.

Ask followers to share pest-related stories or their own creative DIY solutions. Comment on the posts with your feedback and a personal thanks for participating. At the end of the submission period, award prizes that will help establish long-term business relationships. For example, award a free inspection, a free add-on service, or an exclusive buy-one-get-one deal.

Embrace Text Messaging

This is a small change that can have a major impact on your business. HubSpot, a US-based marketing company, found that 93% of consumers consider ease of communication as an important factor when choosing a company to work with. Text messaging allows a potential customer to engage with you at his or her convenience without the formality of being on the phone.

A busy dad can schedule services while waiting for softball practice to end, or a first-time homeowner can reach out during her few free minutes at work. For you, text messaging provides the benefit of keeping all of the details in one place. While texting isn’t yet replacing phone conversations altogether, it is an easy change that will help you communicate with customers in a manner that works for them.

Connect with Other Pros

Word of mouth is an important part of recruiting new customers – especially in the service industry. We often think of this happening between neighbors and friends.

When a concern or issue arises during the home buying (or selling) process, the buyer is going to ask the nearest person for a recommendation. If a contractor finds a cockroach infestation while renovating a kitchen, the homeowner will probably ask if they can recommend a pest control pro.

While the real estate agent or home inspector won't always make a formal recommendation, they can list names of local professionals. You want to be on that list.

Partner with Local Companies

Connect with professionals in similar fields such as landscaping, lawn care, and home repairs, and explore opportunities to grow your businesses together. Oftentimes the need for one service is paired with the need for another.

For example, someone installing a pool may be interested in spraying for mosquitoes. A business owner investing in new landscaping may want to prevent aphids and other scourges. You can consider bundled deals, referral discounts, or mutual marketing. If you have a physical flyer you give to customers, perhaps you can add a shoutout for a lawn care service and they can do the same for you.

Building relationships with other service providers will help you bring in more customers and stay on top of local trends.

Offer Educational Workshops/Webinars

Networking is a tried-and-true way of moving a business forward. In addition to setting up a display at the local home and garden show, for example, provide short educational workshops at various points throughout the day.

Similarly, you can go live on social media, and then pin those videos to your profile. Such activities get your name out to potential customers while also demonstrating your expertise. Possible topics could include identifying common pests, recognizing termite damage, or dealing with spotted lanternflies. Know your market and focus on a topic that will engage your target customer.

Emphasize Natural Remedies

Natural, eco-friendly, and health-conscious remedies are becoming increasingly important to consumers. If you have the means, bolster your natural solutions and be sure your clients know you offer this service.

Make sure it’s front and center on your website, include it in your social media bios, and mention it when customers call while trying to gather information. Not all problems can be solved with chemical-free treatments, but where possible, it’s an option that is likely to bring in potential clients. And even when eco-friendly treatments aren’t recommended, consumers will appreciate knowing you and your company make efforts to care for the environment.

Not all marketing tactics work for all companies. It’s important to know your client base and do your best to meet them where they are. If your pest control company caters to industrial complexes, social media marketing isn’t likely to be your best avenue. However, partnering with local companies and pros will help you land new clients.

As a small business, offering workshops might be too far outside of your comfort zone, but you may find that a social media post is easy enough. Part of marketing and drawing in traffic is trial and error, so don’t be afraid to try new things and tweak your process along the way.

About the Author, Alison Hoover

Alison is a world traveler who loves to spend her time writing and reading. When she’s home, you can find her playing with her pet rabbit and baking.

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