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5 Reasons You Should Text Customers

Does your business text customers? If not, learn why it's time to start.

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When Netflix's House of Cards came out in 2013, audiences were struck by the way the show portrayed texting. Characters texted frequently, their messages appearing in sleek text that overlaid the scenes. 

The approach was innovative for its time. Not only was it stylish, but it captured the way texting integrates seamlessly into daily communication. 

Today, most people consider texting the best way to deliver short, informational messages. And businesses are getting in on this convenient, direct messaging strategy, too. 

If you're curious about why you should text customers, read on to learn about five key benefits you can reap. 

1. Text Customers So They'll Read Your Message

First things first: Companies text customers because it helps their messages break through. Research shows that texting has incredible open rates that even exceed email newsletters. 

Reception is the most important metric of any communication channel. After all, why bother sending messages into the void? If you're going to invest time and energy into crafting messaging, it's best to be certain customers will read it.

But there's a flip side to this key perk. Because texts have such a high open rate, customers are especially sensitive to spam. For that reason, you should only text customers when you have something important to say. 

Which leads us into the next benefit...

2. Text Customers Because It's Convenient

A good way to know when you should text customers is by posing a simple question. Ask, "Would receiving this information in a text message provide greater convenience?"

In many cases, the answer is clear. For example, scheduling is a business process primed for texting. GoSite's Booking tool allows customers to:

  • Confirm appointments
  • Cancel appointments
  • Receive GPS directions

...and more, all with just a few quick texts. 

When it comes to scheduling, texting is simple, direct and helpful. Best of all, it's less obtrusive than a phone call. Customers will appreciate the convenience texting can provide. 

If you're wondering when to text customers, start by considering the potential for convenience.

text marketing, text message marketing

3. Text Customers to Drive Engagement

Your customers have a vast range of personal communication preferences. But when it comes to texting, there's more similarity than difference. 

After all, we're all living in a mobile world. The average person checks their smartphone 80 times per day.

Sure, some of us can't resist push notifications. Social media pings, headlines, emails and app updates ricochet through our screens hourly.

But texting's appeal goes deeper than that. It's an intimate, personal medium that reliably earns customers' attention. 

Businesses that text customers can cut through the noise of other notifications. Just make sure that whatever message you're sending is worthy of customers' time.

4. Text Customers to Build Deeper Relationships

Who do you text on a daily basis? For most of us, the list is short and familiar. Our spouses, siblings, parents and best friends typically make the cut. Add to that a select handful of colleagues, and that makes up most people's texting list. 

So, how do businesses fit in? It's safe to say that not all businesses that text customers ultimately earn their trust. There's a lot of spam out there.

But businesses that do establish a texting relationship with their customers can start to feel like trusted friends. 

For example, a nail salon might text to confirm upcoming appointments. As a result, loyal customers develop positive associations with the salon's texts. With each new text comes the welcome anticipation of a fresh manicure. 

Once your business earns customers' trust, the possibilities are endless. You might even be able to complete transactions entirely over SMS. 

Earning customers' trust takes time—but a smart texting strategy can help you get there.

5. Text Customers Without Sacrificing Other Channels

We've talked about how texting works best for specific types of messaging. That means it likely can't replace other communication channels. So, how does that impact your daily business operations? 

If you're thinking of adding new communication channels to your mix, you might have reservations. If your existing channels are working well, the thought of beginning to text customers might seem daunting.

But texting doesn't have to diminish your attention to other channels. In fact, a good messaging tool will streamline and enhance your internal processes. 

With the right business text messaging app, you'll use a central messaging hub. It will allow you to seamlessly switch between texting, email, social media and other channels.

When you use one messaging hub, texting will be a seamless addition—not a distraction.

Business Text Messaging App-2-1

Ready to Take Your Messaging to the Next Level?

When it comes to communicating with customers, it's best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Along with texting, your multichannel communication strategy should include:

  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Direct messaging on social media
  • Chatbots and other forms of instant messaging
  • Online reviews

Companies that use a multichannel approach are ready to support customers, no matter how they send messages.

If you want to learn more about how to text customers, GoSite is here to help. Check out our Messenger tool and get started today!

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