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3 Digital Transformation Examples to Know

Before investing in new digital tools, it's helpful to review digital transformation examples to make sure you're on the right path.

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Digital transformation: It's a buzzword that's tossed around a lot these days. But hearing it might leave you feeling lost. What aspects of your business need to go digital? And what, exactly, do you need to transform?

If you're looking for a roadmap, you're not alone. One of the best ways to plan your next move is to review digital transformation examples. 

Read on to discover three digital transformation examples that will help you plot your next move.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Before we dive into digital transformation examples, let's take a moment to define the term. 

Digital transformation uses technology to update your business processes. This could be as simple as redesigning your website—or as complex as building a custom app. By leveraging technology, your business can streamline operations, gain data-driven insights and more. 

The end result? You'll gain a valuable competitive edge. Ignore digital transformation for too long, and your business risks irrelevance.

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Digital Transformation Example #1: Embrace Mobile Technology

Among digital transformation examples, mobile technology might top the list. 

Billions of consumers depend on their smartphones for everyday tasks. From online shopping to keeping in touch with friends, phones are at the center of our lives. 

For example, let's say you run a boutique. How many of your customers browse on their mobile devices? The likely answer: Almost all of them.

With that in mind, grab your phone and take a look at your website. Try viewing your site with fresh eyes. Is the text tiny or difficult to read? Do all the pages load quickly? Are the images of your products sized correctly? If you experience friction when browsing your website on mobile, your customers will, too. 

A poorly functioning mobile site can cause you to miss online sales. But that's not all—it can hurt your reputation with in-person customers, too. A beautiful website brings customers to your store, while an outdated one might give the impression that you don't care.

The solution: A functional mobile website that drives sales and builds your reputation. Mobile ecommerce is one important step in your overall shift to a mobile first strategy.

If you're looking to kick off your digital transformation, mobility is a great place to start. 

Digital Transformation Example #2: Using Data to Make Decisions

Your digital transformation strategy should include a plan for capturing and analyzing data. Fortunately, there's an entire ecosystem of digital tools designed to help. 

Each time customers interact with your business, new data rolls in. Website clicks, social media likes and shopping carts reveal what customers are eyeing. Emails, phone calls, text messages and video conferences demonstrate communication habits. 

But is your business harnessing the power of all these insights—or letting them slip by? Data can help you make informed choices. If you know exactly how customers behave, you can tailor your business to meet them where they are. 

If you're still making decisions based on gut feelings, you're putting your future at risk. Sure, intuition remains valuable. But the numbers don't lie. For example, you might feel optimistic about your company's website. But it won't do much good if your customers primarily discover new products on Instagram. 

The bottom line: You need digital tools that help you capture and analyze data. For example, CRM software allows you to amass a database of customer profiles. Accessing data-driven insights becomes as easy as a few clicks. 

Among digital transformation examples, data analysis has the power to drive serious results.

example of digital transformation

Digital Transformation Example #3: Managing Contacts in the Cloud

It's easy to get caught up in the dazzle of new technology. But customers are at the heart of all the best digital transformation examples.

Picture this: A brand new employee at your company is sitting at their desk when the phone rings. When he answers, the person on the line launches into a detailed request. Requests for context are met with confusion, then frustration. "Don't you know who I am?" the customer finally asks before hanging up.

Of course, your new employee is clueless. After all, it's only his third day. How could he have known he was on the phone with your company's biggest sponsor? 

Without a digital tool to mitigate these situations, they'll keep happening. At best, this can lead to awkward moments. At worst, it could threaten your company's most important relationships. 

Fortunately, there's a digital solution designed to help. With cloud-based CRM software, you can develop a central, in-depth hub of customer profiles. 

Next time a customer calls, any employee can search your CRM to view their complete history. With a cloud-based CRM, customers will experience continuous, seamless and personalized service.

Ready to Start Your Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation can drive better outcomes—within your business and with your customers. These digital transformation examples represent some of the many possibilities.

If you want to learn more before embarking on your digital journey, GoSite is here to help. Download our free eGuide to learn more about how CRM software can aid your digital transformation!

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