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10 Ways a Google Listing Boosts Local SEO

Your Google listing is the key to landing in local search results. Read on to learn how.

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In a few short decades, Google has grown from a search engine into an international behemoth. Along the way, it's transformed the internet as we know it. 

The latest trend: Local search. This function connects users with businesses that are nearby. Whether consumers search for sandwiches or shoes, they're hoping for a convenient location. Of course, this boosts local businesses, too. 

Want to know how your business can land in these coveted search results? Your company's Google listing is the key. 

Let's dive in. 

1. Your Google Listing Appears on the Search Results Sidebar

First, you might be wondering where your Google listing shows up. When customers search for your business, your profile will appear in a sidebar alongside other search results. 

Your Google listing acts as a first impression for potential customers. It provides a snapshot of crucial information such as your:

As you build up your presence on more online directories, managing this information can become taxing. That's where solutions like increase your web presence come in. It allows you to manage all your profiles from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

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2. Google Listings Are the Most Popular Among Online Searchers

Why do Google results matter so much, anyway? Google isn't the only search engine, but it does claim the biggest market share.

The reasons have to do with Google's history, and its game-changing algorithms. If you want to master SEO, keeping pace with Google's shifting tactics is key. 

That said, you shouldn't limit your local search efforts to Google. Along with your Google listing, it pays to create profiles on other platforms. For example, Yahoo, Bing and other search platforms can all drive traffic to your website. With time, this contributes to your overall ranking. 

3. Your Google Listing Can Reflect Multiple Locations

Got more than one location? No problem. You can add a complete list of your locations to your Google listing. This increases your chances of showing up in local searches.

This can help you nab the top three search results for each of your locations.

4. Want to Show Up on Google Maps? Get a Google Listing

Of course, your Google listing is about more than just search results. By creating a profile, you can ensure your business pops up on Google Maps. 

If your business already appears on Google Maps, you can claim your profile instead. Best of all, it's completely free.

5. Successful Google Listings Leverage Keywords

The best way to make your Google listing stand out is to choose your words with care. Keywords can help you show up in the targeted search results that count most. 

For example, let's say you run a restaurant. As far as keywords go, "restaurant" is as generic as it gets. Instead, try "burger restaurant," "tapas restaurant" or "all-day breakfast restaurant."  

6. Connect Contact Information to Your Google Listing

A good Google listing can connect you directly to your potential customers. Including updated contact information is key. To add your contact information, sign into your Google My Business (GMB) profile. 

If your contact information ever changes, you can log back in to update it. 

7. Your Google Listing Establishes Customers' Expectations

With time, Google listings have become more detailed—and sophisticated. Along with the basics, you can now see everything from price estimates to busy hours. These details appear right in the sidebar, encouraging or dissuading customers in the process. 

On the bright side, this data can help customers know what to expect before coming in. This can lead to a virtuous cycle—you'll attract the right customers, who may reward your business with positive reviews.

Bonus: Want to make the most of your customer data? Consider extending your online marketing through customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

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8. Online Reviews Impact Your Google Listing

To complete your Google listing, online reviews are a must. Your listing will display your star rating, as well as comments from recent customers. Some Google reviews are even written by the platform's verified Local Guides.

Earning positive online reviews takes time and effort. But it's a strategy that can yield valuable results. 

9. Your Google Listing Also Highlights Other Online Reviews

Even if you have a five-star rating on Google, you shouldn't ignore other platforms. For example, your Google listing may display ratings posted on Facebook. 

Make the most of your online reviews by getting listed on top business directories. 

10. Show Off Photos and Multimedia With Your Google Listing

Finally, there's ample evidence that customers enjoy videos, photos and other forms of multimedia. That's why you should add multimedia to your Google listing. It can even give your ranking a boost. 

Photos of food and beverages are particularly tantalizing to customers. But product photos or a video tour of your location can help, too. The most important thing is to get creative!

Managing Your Google Listing, Made Simple

As important as your Google listing might be, it's not the only platform that counts. Your Google listing is an important step—but it's one of many in your local search journey.

Want to master local search and rise through the rankings? Get started with GoSite's free eGuide to getting started with local SEO!

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