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The Small Business Blueprint

A podcast for local business owners who sell services and manage their business on-the-go. In each episode host, Alex Patterson, interviews small business owners and thought leaders who have navigated the changes and setbacks that outline their unique blueprint to small business success.

This is a space for business owners, by business owners.

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Latest Episodes

Check out our latest interviews with small business owners and thought leaders like you and how they've maintained steady growth and success. 

Small Business Blueprint_ Mike Andes

August 6, 2021 — 25 min

How Open-Book Management Strengthens Franchisor and Franchisee

Franchising a business isn’t something new. Some of the most recognized brands, including McDonald's and others, have franchises worldwide...

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Small Business Blueprint_ Ian Frisch

July 23, 2021 — 20 min

Attracting Clients and Quality Talent Through Empathetic Leadership

Roofing and solar companies have significantly grown despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Ian Frisch, Co-Founder and COO at Build Brothers Inc., not only survived...

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Alexa Brachvogel

July 9, 2021 — 25 min

Making Use of Digital Tools and an Intuitive Website to Retain Clients

In the latest episode of The Small Business Blueprint, host Alex Patterson talks with Alexa Brachvogel about all things digital marketing strategies and web design.

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Small Business Blueprint_ Rob Babian

June 25, 2021 — 28 min

Stand Out From Your Competitors and Build a Trustworthy Brand

Are you looking for ways to help your business stand out from the competition? If you are, you will love the latest episode of the Small Business Blueprint Podcast.

How to Stand Out From Your Competitors and Build a Trustworthy Brand With Rob Babian
Small Business Blueprint_ Maria Disla

June 10, 2021 — 29 min

The Importance of Innovation and Flexibility for Business Continuity 

Wonder how a business that typically depends on in-person contact and grassroots marketing survived the pandemic? Then you will enjoy the newest episode...

Discussing the Importance of Innovation and Flexibility for Business Continuity with Maria Disla
Small Business Blueprint_ Dolores Davis

May 27, 2021 — 24 min

Taking Care of Your Team Means Taking Care of Your Company's Future

There is something unique about family businesses. Growing up in such an environment allows you to learn so many things and adopt valuable lessons you can carry...

Taking Care of Your Team Means Taking Care of Your Company's Future with Dolores Davis

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