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Peoples Team: Working Hard in the Great Outdoors

What better place to get work done than outside? See where the GoSite people ops team members find themselves most productive and relaxed.

Amber Schmitt
3 min read

The COVID twilight zone has presented its fair share of grievances (no need to dive into that anymore than we already know), but it has also opened up some unique opportunities to how we operate in our day-to-day lives. Like many of you, all I’ve ever known is going into an office—day in...and day out.

This past year has been an opportunity to shake up where we can take on our work from. Living in California also means it’s sunny and 75 every day, so naturally I was bound to take advantage of working outside. My coworkers and I both got to enjoy our outdoor spaces and spend extra time with our furry friends!

Our Favorite Places to Work

My teammate, Nikki Camacho (aka the Benefits Queen), always makes me jealous with this beautiful view she has of the ocean in Solana Beach. You can even see one of her three French bulldogs peeking out in the bottom corner as he joins her out there.

outdoor workspace #1

While I’m not as lucky as to have an oceanfront view, I do have views of beautiful rolling hills when I work outside visiting my parents in Orange County. It’s always an opportunity to relax and listen to the birds when I work from here. My cat loves it too, and yes, I do walk her on a leash because I am training her to be a dog.

outdoor workspace #2

There are even outdoor options right in the GoSite office! There’s a balcony on the East side of the building that has a great view of the foliage outside the building. Nicole Stines (our recently promoted people operations business partner—woot woot!) is featured in the picture below, as she always enjoys a moment of peace in this space.

outdoor workspace #3

And last, but certainly not least, you’ll see Taylor Brown (aka, the person who keeps GoSite functioning) and her puppo Benji hanging out on their patio area to work. Benji is always featured in her calls when working from home, and you can how he always has a smile on his face.

outdoor workspace #4

The past year has really taught me two lessons:

1. Respect and be inspired by nature

Whenever I need an idea or to take a moment, working outside helps. It calms me down and helps me focus. Breathing in fresh air, letting the breeze cool me down, and listening to the sounds of nature are the best things to help take me out of an intense headspace.

2. Value your coworkers

This outdoor environment means that the water cooler conversations we normally have or the spur-of-the-moment conversations we would have with our colleagues are more limited while working throughout the day. I never realized before how much I value, desire, and need this time.

This has helped me to appreciate my colleagues on a whole new level. One, for still bearing with me as I Slack them all too much throughout the day. And two, for making sure to still find ways to have these important, casual conversations and connect on a personal level.

People Ops team, I’m so grateful for all of you!

Amber Schmitt
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