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Pets of GoSite

If there's one thing the people of GoSite have in common, it's lots of love for our pets. Read on to meet some of them.

Gina Williamson
3 min read

Working from home comes with its own unique pros and cons, but spending all day with your pet has to be on every pet owners ‘pro’ list! After all, what better way to de-stress mid-day than with a good cuddle?

My cat, Lucy, and I love to take a few minutes each day to admire the Pets of GoSite Slack channel together.

Lucy the cat

Let us introduce you to some of our favorite friends.

Yumi & Yaya

Yumi and Yaya are a dynamic duo of cat and dog sisters. Yumi is a spunky 6 year old pup who was born on Earth Day and loves to visit Harbor Island. Meanwhile, Yaya is a playful 5 year old cat who enjoys attacking any foot in sight.

These best friends never fail to give mom, Noelle Green (Customer Education Team), a run for her money.

Yumi the dog

Yaya the cat

Yumi and Yaya


Despite only being 2.5 years old, Murphy (a.k.a. Murph) is a classic heartthrob who loves breweries and long walks on the beach. When he’s not hanging with his best friend, Shaela (Implementation Team), he can be found scouring for feathers to eat—they’re low in calories!

Murphy and Shaela

Murphy the dog

Kaia & Jack

Kaia and Jack are brother and sister goofballs, who love playtime! Kaia is 50% german shepherd, 50% husky, and 100% likely to chase her tail every single morning. Jack is a bit more of a complex man (corgi), who only eats when dad, Drew (CSM) is there to watch.

Kaia the dog

Jack the dog

Kaia and Jack


When she isn’t joining team meetings and looking through Slack, Lucy loves to lay in the sun outside and cuddle with her mom, Gina (FinTech Team).

Likes: Birds, snacks, and naps.

Dislikes: The vacuum, baths, and anything that wasn’t her idea.

Gina and Lucy

Lucy the cat

Get excited to visit the Pets of GoSite Slack channel and show off your furry pal when you become a part of our GoSite family. 👇

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