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A New Hire's Guide to GoSite Slack Channels

New to GoSite and trying to navigate Slack? Keep reading for the inside scoop on our different channels, how to join them, and even some Slack hacks.

Juan Chavez
4 min read

In your first few weeks at GoSite you’ll be working with a countless number of people, learning  a million different terms about various tools and CRM platforms—among several other things.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of this information is greatly valuable and will be instrumental to your success here at GoSite. But it doesn’t answer any of the REAL
 questions looming over your head like:

Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled across this guide to help you navigate the most important topic of all: GoSite’s Slack channels.

Note: This guide covers a combination of work-related but MOSTLY non-work-related channels and tips.

So let's jump right in and start with some basics.

Joining GoSite Slack Channels

Slack logo gif

Especially now that many of us work remotely, our Slack channels are what allow us to engage and collaborate with each other throughout the day.

When I first joined GoSite, I shadowed a few different teams and among the most popular icebreakers was “Are you in this Slack channel yet?”

In my experience, you pretty much just get added to random work-related (i.e. #general) and non-work-related (i.e. #random) Slack channels throughout your journey here at GoSite. Though, if you’re ever curious or trying to find a good place to ask a specific question, just click on the little ‘+’ next to “Channels” to browse our hundreds of active and inactive channels!

Now that you know how to find specific Slack channels, let’s move onto some fun tips and important guidelines to help you avoid that awkward “

#general vs #random

Oftentimes, new GoSiters are most confused by these two channels. Allow me to help you avoid that “WRONG CHANNEL” message, by explaining each one.


This channel is for “company-wide announcements and work-based matters.” So, things like company meetings, timecard submission reminders, company-wide surveys, product updates, etc.

It is NOT the place to ask where everyone’s favorite coffee shop in San Diego is. Those questions are best asked in the following channel.


This is the #1 Slack channel for all things non-work-related. If you need a place to share a hilarious meme, have some awesome news and you don’t know who to tell, or are tired of eating Trader Joe’s salads every day and need a new lunch recommendation, this is your channel.

There are absolutely no guidelines for this channel... as long as what you’re posting is work-appropriate. Send surveys, polls, questions, and random comments as you please, and have fun getting to know your coworkers.

Additional GoSite Slack Channels

dog petting cat on the head


Here at Gosite, there are few things we like more than #winning. And I’m not just talking about winning your fantasy football league, trivia night at your local brewery, or even the lottery.

Our #winning means much more than that. Winning at GoSite means bringing a client to tears because his or her business is finally getting the attention it deserves. It means going above expectations and being such a superstar that your teammate or manager needs to make sure everyone at the company knows about it.


GoSite loves pets! When I first arrived at GoSite back in 2019, we even had office pets that would approach you for cuddles, steal snacks off of your desk, or both.

Unfortunately, times have changed, but our shared love for pets hasn’t. #petsofgosite is a Slack channel dedicated to all of our furry (or not so furry) friends. Whether you have a dog, cat, snake, iguana, hamster, gerbil, or
Chia Pet, this is the place to share your cutest pet pictures and funny videos.

Slack Hacks

party parrot

I wish I could provide a description for every GoSite Slack channel, but I don’t think time would allow it. So, before I wish you good luck and farewell I want to fire off some quick Slack Hacks for you!

1. Sending GIFs

If you’re like me, (joining GoSite without ever having used Slack before) then you probably don’t know how to send GIFS. Here’s the secret formula:

Here’s an example: “/giphy laughing out loud”

2. Using Custom Emojis

If you’re a regular emoji user and are interested in seeing our library of custom-made, GoSite-specific emojis, then click the smiley face icon on the bottom right of the Slack text box. Then click on the Slack symbol. Ta-da!

You’re welcome (again).

3. Pinning Important Slacks

Last but not least. If you’ve just received a document, link, or anything you might want to reference in the future, then consider using the “pin to this conversation” feature on Slack.

This way you don’t have to scramble through hours, days, weeks, months, or years of conversations to find that random booking link that was sent to you in preparation for this very moment. Instead, you’ll have it pinned and at your disposal.

Join Slack and GoSite

You now have all of the necessary information to succeed on Slack here at GoSite and (most importantly) avoid the dreaded “WRONG CHANNEL” message. Go share memes, laughs, GIFs, and more. In between all that, don’t forget to get your work done so you can be the next highlight of the #winning channel!

Step one? Join our team today by browsing through our open positions.

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