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New Hire Spotlight: Nikki Camacho

Meet Nikki, a wonderful, dedicated, and hard-working member of GoSite's People Team!

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
3 min read

Nikki started her journey with GoSite on March 08, 2021. A little over a month in and she’s already had great success in her new role as HR generalist.

Originally from San Francisco, Nikki made her way to San Diego when she was seven years old and has (understandably) been here ever since! She graduated from San Diego State University with a Business Administration degree and a specialization in HR which made her a perfect fit for our San Diego-based startup.

"I wanted to be able to stand behind the company I work for and I can definitely do that here at GoSite."
-Nikki Camacho

Nikki recently participated in an interview to explain why she feels GoSite is special and to tell her new work family a little more about herself. Here’s a little more about her and what makes her the go-getter she is:

GoSite Questions:

Interview question 1 for Nikki Camacho featuring a picture of her

Why Did You Choose GoSite?

I wanted to be able to stand behind the company I work for and I can definitely do that here at GoSite. Not to mention the amazing team I interviewed with during the recruiting process. It just felt right!

What’s Your Favorite Part About Being an HR Generalist Here?

I am excited to continue meeting new people from the GoSite team and help answer any questions that come my way. I honestly love being part of this amazing team.

What Was the Hiring / Onboarding Process Like for You?

It was great! Hannah (our senior recruiter) interviewed me and we hit it off right away. I knew GoSite would be a good fit for me. It is not easy welcoming new hires during a pandemic, so it was nice to feel welcomed by everyone.

Amber (our onboarding specialist) did a great job putting together an awesome onboarding schedule to help me feel more comfortable with the company and my role.

Fun Facts

Interview question 2 for Nikki Camacho featuring a picture of her dogs

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do In Your Free Time?

Typically, I go shopping and hunt for good deals. I will never buy anything at full price. If I am not shopping, I’m most likely spending time with my dogs.

Tell Us About Your Pet

I have three dogs. Murphy is a five-year-old Boston terrier, Franklin is a four-year-old Boston terrier/bulldog mix, and Heidi is a two-year-old Boston terrier/French bulldog mix.

What’s Your Favorite Color and Why?

Pastel pink; my favorite season is spring so the pastel pink just reminds me of flowers blooming.

Dream Vacation Spot?

Anywhere tropical. I love beach vacations to relax and soak up all the sun.

What’s Your Wackiest Unpopular Opinion?

I like going to the dentist! There is nothing like the feeling of nice, clean teeth after a cleaning.

Who or What Inspires You Most?

My mom. While she may have been tough on me to always do my best, she helped me become who I am today by being one of the best role models for me to look up to.

Get to know Nikki and the rest of our team when you apply for an open position at GoSite through the link below!

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