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Meet Tim: Visual Designer

Meet the man who makes us look good! Tim is GoSite's visual designer, here to tell you about how he landed at San Diego's fastest growing startup.

Tim Nguyen
Tim Nguyen
2 min read

Hi, I’m Tim! I began my career as a young graphic designer obsessed with typography and branding who could kind of code (not really) and decided I wanted to shift towards the digital side of design.

Hence a career move from being a full-time graphic designer to a full-time visual designer.

Getting Started

collage of images of Tim's previous work

Like so many designers before me, I was always drawn towards creativity and artistic ideas.

I learned (and loved) that I could create something, put it out there in the world for people, and see the happiness it brought them. I realized what I wanted to do early on, and I was hooked.

Eventually, I began designing things for print, such as magazines, brochures, flyers, menus and advertisements. It was so cool designing for brands and agencies I had always looked up to and admired—mainly within the skate and surf industry. I loved it.

But like most things in this day and age, design was progressively moving online. I started seeing more and more of my favorite designers produce beautiful, interactive websites and interfaces. I knew I needed to adapt.

Making the Switch

mobile view image of GoSite visual designs

That’s when I moved away from the print world and began to fully focus my energy on everything web. It was a whole new ball game and the best decision I could’ve made.

I quickly and naturally fell in love with the idea that I could translate an idea or concept into an interface or website—creating a completed work from start to finish. I started to care more about how design interplays with human interaction and how it influences people and their habits, rather than design based solely on subjectivity and opinions. Simple things like how a button or an icon is designed on a website, and how it was designed to meet the user’s accessibility fascinated me.

Discovering GoSite

laptop screen on the homepage of Life at GoSite

Not long after this transition, I landed here at GoSite.

Now I’m learning on the go (pun intended), while also building on my existing graphic design skills. Much of my work is focused on ‘pixel perfect’ digital outcomes, but I still get to get my hands dirty with InDesign or Illustrator every now and then.

My day-to-day includes everything from ‘lighting up’ a landing page, to creating assets for an app installation push. The technology and design intersection is proving to be crazy fruitful and productive.

At the same time, knowing that what we’re producing helps small businesses succeed only makes it more rewarding to me. I’m here for it, every step of the way.

Big shout outs to my manager Sarah Lubeck and our senior recruiter Hannah Jones for seeing the potential visual designer in me. #JustGo

GoSite has proven a fantastic place for creation, learning, and professional growth for me. If you’re also interested in visual design or in working for a team of creative self-starters, be sure to check out some of our available positions.

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