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Meet Lauren: Sales Development Representative

Lauren is a sales development representative here at GoSite. If you're curious about why she chose GoSite, or what her favorite podcast is, then read on!

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
4 min read

When you work at GoSite, you get the special opportunity to foster a wholesome company alongside fun, talented, and creative people everyday. One of these people is Lauren Sniffin who works as a Sales Development Representative on our ever-expanding team.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this one-of-a-kind journey to help small businesses get set up online and prosper.”
-Lauren Sniffin, SDR

Lauren is a San Diego native who is about to hit her one month mark here at GoSite. Her communications and media studies degree from Sonoma State University led her down the path of business, and she celebrates having a “life full of balance” which includes a diverse career path.

So far, she has tapped into roles in nursing, customer service, public relations, marketing, and the list goes on. She explains, “Being in my 20's, I just wanted to learn as much as possible and find my niche. I'd never been in sales prior to GoSite, but I knew I wanted to dive into a sales role at an inspiring company with like-minded people that has tremendous growth potential. It's only been a month since I started here and I'm so happy to now call GoSite my home!”

We did a quick Q&A with Lauren to find out a little more about her and what made her a perfect fit for the GoSite team. Here’s what she had to say:

GoSite Questions

Why did you choose GoSite?

In simple terms, GoSite is a rocket ship. The sky is not the limit here, it's just the beginning! I feel so lucky to be a part of this one-of-a-kind journey to help small businesses get set up online and prosper.

How long have you been at GoSite?

Almost one month! (2/17/21)

What’s your favorite part about being an SDR at GoSite?

I love waking up to a challenge and a reward everyday.

The challenge: Finding as many small businesses as possible who truly need our software to grow to their full potential.

The reward: Speaking to small business owners—who previously didn't use much  technology to run their business—that are now beyond grateful for how much time and money they have saved managing their business from the palm of their hand. It's so rewarding to help change people's everyday lives for the better!

What was the hiring / onboarding process like for you at GoSite?

Amazing. Cheyanne Stokes reached out to me via LinkedIn just a few weeks after I got laid off because of COVID-19. About a week later, I signed my offer!

It was the first application and interview I had; I knew this was my new home right away. I truly appreciated how quick and easy the entire process was, and I got to speak with so many people I'd be working with everyday.

Fun Facts

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Going to dinners in Little Italy, watching Sunset Cliffs sunsets, going to the beach, hiking, little road trips... I always mix it up. I can never pick one!

What podcast do you listen to most frequently?

My Favorite Murder. People have crazy stories and I've always loved a good story.

Are you currently reading a book? Which one?

“Fanatical Prospecting” by Jeb Blount. I highly recommend this book to anyone entering sales. It's a quick read that changes your everyday mindset.

What’s your music taste? Favorite song/artist?

Ah, I've always liked all genres—depending on my mood honestly. If I had to pick three, I’d say The Weeknd, Maroon 5, and Rufus Du Sol.

What’s your dream vacation spot?

Those beautiful glass floor huts in Bora Bora or Santorini, Greece.

Join the fun

Lauren is one of many kind, personable, and professional team members at GoSite. Meet the rest of them when you climb on board the rocket ship and join the GoSite family.

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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