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8 Things You Didn't Know About the Customer Success Team

Think you've got the GoSite Customer Success Team all figured out? Think again!

Drew Botta
2 min read

The GoSite Customer Success (CS) Team is a relationship-focused client management team with 16 customer success managers (CSMs). Being such a new cohort at a super fast-growing company, it can be tough to get to know your fellow coworkers.

Hopefully, this article gives you some more insight into GoSite's Customer Success Monstars (our team name)! So without further ado, here are eight fun facts you never knew about our team:

We're brand new
Our team was just created in July 2020, so we aren't even a year old! Being such a young team here at GoSite allows us to be very adaptive and figure things out on the fly.

Our director isn't a Will Ferrell Fan

Lauren Olds, our department's director, is Will Ferrell's biggest hater. I personally think she needs to watch Elf at least once a month, but hey...everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

We're not all from here

Only six people on the CSM Team are San Diego natives. Having a team of people from all over the country is a great way for us to share different ideas, different interests, and different opinions!

No one can stop our grind

Each customer success manager cares for an average of 150 accounts in their book of business. With many new changes coming to GoSite as a whole, this may change, but it was quite an experience creating lasting business relationships with so many small business owners.

We're 64% female

That's right, our team is mainly women! Who run the world (and CSM team)?


We're technically strangers

Fun fact: The entire GoSite CSM Team has never met in person. Some people have met, but our entire team has yet to be in the same place at the same time. When it does happen, though, we know it'll be a heck of a time!

We love pets

GoSite CSMs are the proud parents of 11 animals. Work-from-home life has allowed us to spend much more time with our fur babies, and I for one have had a blast being able to take my pups to the dog park at lunch!

If only they'd stop barking at nothing while I'm on my client calls...

Our average age is 28

As the baby of the team, I couldn't ask for a better group of mentors and friends to look up to. Each one of us brings such a special set of skills to the team, and that's what makes working here at GoSite so fun and rewarding.

All in all, we're all so lucky to be able to work for such a fun-loving, driven, and fast-paced company. GoSite is really changing small business owners' lives, and having a hand in that is something truly special. You could have a hand in it too—just check out our available job openings below.

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