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Being Part of the GoSite Team

Check out Angela Emerick's experience as she traverses GoSite's engineering internship program!

Angela Emerick
4 min read

Hello! My name is Angela Emerick and I’m excited to share with you my internship experience so far here at GoSite. It’s been about a month now since I joined GoSite as a Full Stack Intern. Many things have happened over this short period of time but let’s start at the beginning of how I came to be an intern here.

I first heard about GoSite during my senior year at UC San Diego. As a senior who was set to graduate in March, I had been hunting for internship and job opportunities. It was during that time when I received an email about GoSite’s Summer Full Stack Internship and applied for the position. Thus began my journey with GoSite!

girl at UCSD

From the time I was first contacted for a phone screen to the day I received my offer letter, the overall application/interview process took about a month. This included completing a short technical assessment and a technical and behavioral video interview. It is here where I would like to shout out my recruiter. She was the first person I met from GoSite and my point of contact during the entire interview process. Unlike my experience with many other companies and recruiters, GoSite’s recruiter kept constant and clear communication with me. She gave a great first impression of what the people at GoSite would be like and truly demonstrated GoSite’s core value of #BeAGoodPerson.

Interviewing with GoSite was a smooth and honestly fun process! It really felt like I was being set up to succeed, learn, and grow with this company. In mid-May I received the exciting call from my recruiter informing me I had got the position. Fast forward to June, I walked at UC San Diego’s commencement ceremony having graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a week later began my internship with GoSite.

GoSite welcome kit

Entering into this internship, I was joined with one other Full Stack Intern. It has been a great experience getting to know and work with him. Having a fellow intern to learn and grow with definitely made adjusting to the new role less intimidating and a more enjoyable experience. I highly value teamwork so I’m grateful to have a partner I get to work with daily.

Zoom meeting image

We spent our first two weeks going through onboarding, getting to know our team, and adjusting to the new work environment. From day one, everyone I interacted with was kind and welcoming. Additionally, I was impressed by how detailed and planned out our first two weeks with GoSite were. It is here I want to shout out our onboarding specialist who was our go to person throughout onboarding. She helped answer any and all questions we had, introduced us to everything there is to know about GoSite, and overall welcomed us into the company.

Despite the challenges working remotely can present, surprisingly it wasn’t difficult to grow comfortable with our team as well. In my opinion, there are two main reasons for this. The first reason is we have daily Zoom meetings as a team. Having the chance to see everyone’s faces and touch base on where everyone is at on a daily basis helped bridge the gap remote work presents and really made me feel like I was part of the team. These are meetings I still look forward to daily. The second reason is we were both assigned mentors. It is here I want to shout out those team members. They were great mentors to us and were the main members of our team who, with our manager, helped us adjust to our new work environment. In particular for me, my mentor was a very caring and encouraging team member who helped me with my first few bug fixing tasks.

Since being here with GoSite as a Full Stack Intern I have had the opportunity to learn and grow as a developer in many ways. This has included completing various web bug fixes, assisting with mobile user acceptance testing (UAT), and starting and completing a mini-project where I wrote a portion of the frontend code for a new web feature. Now I am working on designing and implementing one of the backend APIs for the same web feature. Completing these tasks while working in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment has been an invaluable experience. I have grown more familiar with what it’s like to follow Scrum development and develop using the MERN stack. Additionally I’m grateful for everyone I’ve had the chance to work with so far on the Product & Engineering team. My team members have been super helpful in this learning process and invaluable mentors to me.

All of this to say though, I think what has stood out to me the most since being here with GoSite is definitely the people. The company’s core values of #BeAGoodPerson and #JustGo is not just for show, but truly displayed by each and every person I have met here. What I love about this internship is I get to actually work with my team in building and enhancing GoSite’s product (rather than being given a side project that will be left unused). I love that as an intern at GoSite I am able to make a direct impact on small businesses and I’m excited to continue learning and growing these next few months!

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Angela Emerick
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