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GoSite is the Leading App for Pressure Washers and Power Washing Services

Pressure and power washers are saving time and money, boosting sales and quality of life through GoSite’s easy-to-use business management app.

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With GoSite, you can:

  • Get more positive reviews, faster and easier than ever before

  • Simplify customer scheduling and reminders, and eliminate the phone tag

  • Manage your Facebook messages, Google messages, texts, and web chats in one mobile-friendly dashboard

  • Offer more and better contactless payment options, lowering customer late payments and boosting cash flow

  • And more!

Grow your pressure washing business today with GoSite.

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Use The Right Technology to Manage Your HVAC Business

You want to be out completing more jobs instead of stuck in the office with mounds of paperwork.

For local pressure and power washers like yourself, finding the right kind of technology requires a balance between ease of use and functionality.

In other words, many tech solutions are built for businesses with larger operations and enterprise budgets. You need simple, affordable tech that accelerates your business, saves you time, and increases your bottom line.

“The need for residential buildings will rise as the urbanization rate increases, resulting in a higher demand for pressure washers. In 2019, approximately 55% of the population lived in urban areas, and by 2050, this number is predicted to rise to 68%.”
Source:P&S Intelligence on PRNewswire, June 2022

GoSite makes running your business easier with its versatile, on-the-go power washing service app.

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What are the most pressing needs of your business today?

01 Review Generation

More 5-star Reviews

The Search Engine Journal reports that more than 80 percent of customers who seek home services research companies online before calling.

Most customers are happy to leave positive reviews for your business, but you have to remember to ask and also make the process clear and convenient.

Encourage customers to leave reviews with GoSite's automated reviews tool. One click sends review requests to your customers right after you complete a washing service request or as soon as they pay their invoice.

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02 Scheduling Made Easy

Simple 24/7 Online Scheduling

Scheduling appointments after business hours is a common hurdle for customers looking to work with home services businesses. For those who are available to book during business hours, they often need to do so on the go. That’s why mobile-friendly online booking for home services businesses is critical for growth.

Source: Finances Online

As a pressure washing business owner, you can relax when it comes to scheduling appointments. Share your calendar link, and let your customers take care of it themselves. You can also send reminders and quick links to reschedule to reduce no-shows.

GoSite’s online scheduling feature lets you manage your schedule from any device, so you can stay on top of your business no matter where you are.

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03 Stay Engaged

Message Customers Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re like a lot of power washers, you offer a wide range of services, including holiday lights, mobile detailing, and more. Staying engaged with your customers allows you to become their “go-to” provider for all the expert services you provide.

But staying engaged is often easier said than done. You might be fielding inquiries from emails, texts, Google, Thumbtack, Facebook, and more. Instead of keeping track of all your business instant messaging on different browsers and apps, why not keep all customer communications in one place.

GoSite allows you to bring all your messaging tools together in one dashboard, so you can respond to customers from any device while in the office or on the go.

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04 Mobile-friendly Invoices & Payments

Mobile Invoicing and Contactless Payments

GoSite turns sending invoices into a fun and convenient experience for you and your customers. Generate sharp-looking invoices from your smartphone and send them via text, message, or email with just a few swipes and clicks.

You can even sync GoSite with your QuickBooks online account to organize your book of business, send quick payment links, and see payments deposited directly into your checking account (instead of sitting in a QuickBooks holding account).

Accept all major credit or debit cards, take one-time or recurring bank transfer payments, and process these payments remotely or in-person. GoSite makes customer payments a breeze.

Payments integrates with all GoSite tools so that it works hand-in-hand with scheduling, reviews, messages, and more. It's the power washing service app you’ve always needed.

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One Hub For All Your Customer Information

As a professional pressure washer on the go, you need a CRM that keeps your business running smoothly without the hassle of data entry. You need a mobile-friendly, intuitive CRM that’s simple to use.

Contact Hub is GoSite’s small business CRM. It is the leading owner-operator-friendly CRM that helps you manage your business with ease, so you can focus on providing the best power washing services possible.

Also, you can sync business contacts from Thumbtack and QuickBooks, upload your own csv file, and track every interaction, invoice, booking, payment, and review.

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More Small Business-building Add-ons

In addition to its core features, GoSite offers users a large selection of simple add-ons to improve your online presence and streamline your operations. These include:

  • Professional-looking website builder

  • Website live chat and chatbot

  • Online directory listings

  • QuickBooks integration

  • Thumbtack integration

  • Stripe integration

  • And more!

GoSite is among the leading apps for power washers and will help you take your business to the next level.

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Small Businesses Can Thrive in the Digital Age

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce noted that owner-operators who adopt the right amount of technology have the following in common.

  • 84% experience an increase in their sales.

  • 88% find more joy in their craft.

  • 87% were able to overcome extreme economic conditions.

GoSite is simple technology built for local, small business owners just like you.

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GoSite is a Preferred Small Business Management
App for Home Services Entrepreneurs

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