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Owner-operators can get time back and drive more sales with the help of GoSite’s auto repair app.

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On GoSite, you can:

  • Get more reviews and raise your average star rating

  • Automate scheduling to reduce no-shows and double-bookings

  • Consolidate all instant messages into one mobile-friendly dashboard

  • Offer multiple contactless payment options

  • Speed up invoicing and improve cash flow

  • And more!

Grow your automotive repair business today with GoSite.

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Use The Right Technology to Manage Your Auto Maintenance & Repair Business

For auto mechanics, keeping up with so many apps and tools available online can be tough. You won’t always have the time or money to buy custom software, but you don’t want to waste hours on tedious paperwork either. How do you find the right technology to help you manage your day-to-day operations?

More drivers are on the road, and many of them are hanging on to their vehicles longer than ever. That means an increasing demand for automotive repairs in the coming years. The market size of the auto mechanics industry is expected to increase 7.6% from 2022 to 2031. By 2028, the global automotive repair and maintenance services market size is projected to reach $953.87 billion.

Source:Statista and Global Market Insights

GoSite is the automotive repair services app that sets you up with the right tools to keep your shop running smoothly and your customers happy.

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What are the most pressing needs of your business today?

01 Review Generation

More 5-star Reviews

97% of people who want to purchase, repair, or customize a car start their journey online, according to Google Consumer Insights.

Most customers are willing to leave an online review for a local business, but they won’t do so unless you ask. By proactively asking for feedback, you strengthen your relationships with customers and build a positive reputation online.

GoSite automates the “task to ask,” making it effortless for your customers to leave their feedback. The app lets you send review requests — via email, text, or message — with a single click after completing a service or call. Customers click a link to write and post their review in one step, and you can choose when to send the review request.

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Online Reputation Managementx

02 Scheduling Made Easy

Simple 24/7 Online Scheduling

For the auto repair industry, an online appointment system can enhance business performance and dramatically increase customer satisfaction.

If you’re still doing bookings the traditional way, you're likely to feel overwhelmed. Less time on the phone means more time to focus on core auto repair tasks and great customer service. Get your best customers to return for their auto maintenance needs by letting them schedule services anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

GoSite works to keep your schedule filled while you’re busy doing what you do best. It allows your customers to see when appointments are available and easily choose a slot online. You can also set up automated client reminders for upcoming repairs.  

Our auto shop management software integrates well with Google and Outlook calendars, making it convenient for you to monitor all your appointments in one place.

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03 Stay Engaged

Message Customers Anytime, Anywhere

52% of people prefer to get their vehicle repairs done at a local shop, based on a recent auto survey by UpSwell. Only 34% of consumers, however, are satisfied with their auto service provider due to feeling that shops offer poor customer service.

Want to know how to get more customers for your auto repair business?

Keeping track of instant messages from customers can be a real challenge when you're juggling too many repair jobs. Why not use a business management app that keeps all customer communications in one place?

With GoSite, staying engaged with your customers is easier than ever. It brings all your messaging tools into one dashboard, so you can respond to customers from any device while in the office or on the go. Connect with customers in real-time the way they prefer, whether that be Facebook Messenger, Google messages, web chat, or text.

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04 Mobile Invoicing & Contactless Payments

Mobile Invoicing and Contactless Payments

In a fast-paced digital environment, customers demand convenient and seamless services. Impress them with professional invoices sent straight to their devices, and the freedom to pay you instantly anytime, anywhere.

GoSite is an industry-leading invoicing and payment software that’s built for service-based businesses like yours. It lets you generate invoices, send secure payment links, and more — all in the same app.

With GoSite Payments, you’ll also enjoy instant QuickBooks sync features and allow your customers to make… 

  • All card transactions (debit or credit)
  • One-time or recurring bank transfers
  • In-person payments

Best of all, Payments integrates with all GoSite tools so that it works hand-in-hand with scheduling, reviews, messages, and more. It's the best app for auto mechanics who want to streamline payment processing and improve cash flow.

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One Hub For All Your Customer Information

As an owner-operator, it’s important for you to monitor key performance indicators to run your auto repair shop more profitably. You need a CRM that stores all relevant information — contact details, purchase history, appointment records — all in one place.

With GoSite, you can keep track of all your reviews, messages, invoices, payments, QuickBooks records, Thumbtack prospects, and more within its Contact Hub.

Contact Hub is a mobile-friendly, intuitive CRM that helps you stay organized and on top of every customer interaction. Grow your business and use data insights to give your customers the personalized services they need — from routine service intervals, to upcoming repair and replacement concerns, and more.

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More Add-ons To Level Up Your Small Business

GoSite takes it up a notch with simple yet powerful add-ons to help you manage your business from top to bottom. These include:

  • Sleek, mobile-friendly website

  • Chatbot or website chat

  • Online directory listings

  • QuickBooks integration

  • Thumbtack integration

  • Stripe integration

  • And more!

GoSite is among the leading small business apps for auto mechanics that will help you exceed customer expectations and improve your bottom line.

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How Local Service-based Businesses Thrive in the Digital Age

With the right tech tools, over 85% of U.S. business owners…

  • Lowered their costs and increased their sales

  • Found more joy and satisfaction in what they do

  • Succeeded amidst extreme economic conditions

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite offers a full suite of digital solutions that can help you build customer trust and grow your revenue.

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