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Auto body shop owners are saving time and money, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting profitability with GoSite’s easy-to-use business management app.

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With GoSite, you can:

  • Easily stay on top of Facebook messages, Google messages, texts, and web chats in one mobile-friendly dashboard

  • Automate review requests for more and better reviews

  • Let customers book your collision repair services online

  • Improve cash flow with contactless payment options and instant invoices

  • And more!

Grow your auto body and collision repair business today with GoSite.

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Use The Right Technology to Manage Your Auto Body & Collision Repair Business

Running an auto body and collision repair shop is no easy feat. Not only are you competing for more customers, but you also want to attract highly skilled technicians, provide excellent customer service, and scale your business. How do you find the right technology that simplifies your operations and makes you stand out from other auto shops in your area?

Increasing cases of vehicular damage caused by accidents mean repair volumes are returning to pre-pandemic levels. And the numbers continue to rise as more drivers are out on the roads. The automotive collision repair market is expected to grow from $187.2 billion in 2021 to $209.6 billion in 2028.

Source: Vantage Market Research

GoSite is a versatile collision repair app that has everything you need to strengthen customer relationships, speed up everyday tasks, and get more cars in your bays.

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What are the most pressing needs of your business today?

01 Review Generation

More 5-star Reviews

77% of customers ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read online reviews when browsing for local businesses. 67% of customers will consider leaving a review for a positive experience when asked, while 40% will consider leaving a review for a negative experience whether or not they are asked.

Source: BrightLocal

If you want more reviews for your auto body shop, you have to remember to ask. Our auto body business software makes it a breeze to invite customers to review their experience with you — and share their feedback online.

Go Site lets you send review requests in one click, right after completing a repair. Customers immediately receive your request with a link to leave their review on Google, Facebook, or any other review site you choose.

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Online Reputation Managementx

02 Scheduling Made Easy

Simple 24/7 Online Scheduling

76% of consumers look for a company's online presence before visiting in-person. After finding a strong online presence, 45% of consumers are likely to visit a company’s physical location.  

Source: Visual Objects

People in your area are searching for auto body and collision repair services. By giving car owners the convenience of booking an appointment with you online, you get one step closer to ensuring they drive straight to your shop.

No more back-and-forth, phone tag, or double-booking. GoSite’s online scheduling feature allows you to customize your time slots, and let customers select times that work best for them. You can also reduce no-shows by sending reminders and quick links to reschedule.

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03 Engage With Customers & Prospects

Message Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Customers want more online communication from local auto body shops. About 71% of local auto repair shop customers would like to receive these communications via preferred digital channels, such as text, email, and instant messaging.

Source: BodyShop Business

For auto body shop owners like you, having an open line of communication is crucial to your business. How quickly you respond to any questions and issues can make or break your chances of getting repeat customers.

Our automotive repair services app helps you keep your customers engaged through mobile-first, high-touch digital connections. GoSite is the ultimate messaging solution that consolidates all your texts and messages into one dashboard. Now, you can view and respond to all your Facebook, Google, text, and web chat messages from any device.

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04 Mobile Invoicing & Contactless Payments

Mobile Invoicing and Contactless Payments

In an increasingly digital marketplace, more and more car owners are becoming tech-savvy. This means more opportunities for auto body shop owners like yourself to boost on-time payments with multiple contactless methods.

GoSite streamlines the payment process — saving you hours and helping you get paid faster. It integrates with your QuickBooks Online account so you and your customers can enjoy the following payment options: 

  • Single card payments, including all major credit and debit cards
  • Mobile pay
  • In-person payments
  • Recurring or one-time bank transfers

Best of all, your payments and invoices sync with every other feature. That means you can send invoices over Messenger, automatically send review request texts after processing payment, and so much more. It’s the best app for auto mechanics to improve cash flow.

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One Hub For All Your Customer Information


As an owner-operator, you know how important it is to keep your auto body and repair business organized and up-to-date. Say goodbye to paper files on customers and past jobs. GoSite is a powerful CRM that brings the latest technology to auto mechanics, allowing them to get the most out of their tools at an affordable price.

Our auto body shop management software tracks every customer interaction — from payment history to text messages — all in one place and in real time. That means you can maintain a detailed record of customer servicing. Let your technicians stay up to speed before starting any auto repair job.

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More Small Business-building Add-ons

In addition to its core features, GoSite lets you choose from a wide range of simple add-ons to supercharge your small business and deliver an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. These features include:

  • Professional-looking website builder

  • Web page live chat or chatbot widgets

  • Online directory listings

  • QuickBooks integration

  • Thumbtack integration

  • Stripe integration

  • And more!

GoSite is among the leading apps for auto mechanics that increase your online conversions and helps you meet your business goals more efficiently.

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The Right Amount of Technology Will Help You Grow Your Auto Shop in the Digital Age

With smart tech, over 85% of U.S. business owners…

  • Reduced their costs and increased their sales

  • Found more joy and satisfaction in their work

  • Succeeded even during economic hardships like COVID-19 and recessions

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is simple technology built for local, small business owners just like you.

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