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Honeybook vs. Dubsado: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Software

Wondering which small business software is right for you? Keep reading as we go through the pros and cons of both Honeybook and Dubsado. 

Claire Grady
6 min read

When you start a business, there’s a period where disorganized chaos is acceptable. You may be sending paper invoices, managing projects in a notebook, or jotting down client info on a sticky note. 

But as your business grows, your paper trail will become harder to keep track of. And even if you manage your business from your laptop, there’s a chance a client inquiry may get lost in the shuffle. 

In these circumstances, many business owners find themselves searching for an all-in-one project and client management platform to organize their operations. So we’ve broken down two popular options, Honeybook and Dubsado, to help you figure out which small business software is right for you. 

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About Honeybook

Small business owner typing on her laptop.

Created for the service economy, Honeybook has been providing small business owners with tools to run the day-to-day in one place. It offers great functionality that helps owners manage, streamline, and scale their business. 

Some of Honeybook’s features include:

  • Online contracts.
  • Online invoices.
  • Proposals.
  • Online payments.
  • Automation.

Honeybook has become a popular choice for small business owners who are looking for a CMS that will help them streamline some of their business’s everyday tasks. 

Who Uses Honeybook

Creative freelancer jotting down notes on a notebook.

Honeybook markets itself as the go-to choice for freelancers and entrepreneurs in creative sectors. This includes graphic designers, event planners, videographers, bloggers, and similar professions.

Because Honeybook’s bread and butter is small business owners, their tools are great for creatives who need small-scale organization.


  • Simple workflow: clients are easily guided from booking to onboarding to payment.
  • Easy setup: sleek interface and many templates available.
  • Autopay feature: recurring invoices can be easily set up for regular clients.


  • Limited automation: fewer options for customization in workflows.
  • Lack of integrations: not all email providers and common business software tools are compatible with Honeybook.
  • Higher cost: among small business CMS solutions, Honeybook is on the higher side.

About Dubsado

Freelancer in a coffee shop writing on her laptop.

Creators and husband-and-wife duo behind Dubsado wanted a software that would meet the needs of small business owners. They created the CMS when they saw a need among their network of small business owners and friends to organize operations. 

Today, Dubsado has become another popular choice for creative freelancers and small business owners. 

Some of Dubsado’s main features include:

  • Forms and templates.
  • Invoicing.
  • Automation.
  • Client and project management.
  • Scheduling. 

Who Uses Dubsado

Small team of two looking at a computer tablet.

Similar to Honeybook, Dubsado is geared toward creative small business owners and freelancers. On the Dubsado site, they highlight coaches, doulas, hair and makeup artists, music producers, and more. 

With the ability to scale as your business grows, Dubsado is a great option for the business of today and tomorrow.


  • Highly customizable: incorporate your branding into everything you do.
  • Robust workflow: flexible workflows for small and large teams.
  • Customer service: Dubsado is well-known for their responsive customer service. 


  • No app: Dubsado does not offer an app, leaving small business owners without much on-the-go support. 
  • Deep learning curve: Dubsado has a much more complex interface, which requires a longer set-up and learning period.
  • No conditional logic: Despite its robust workflows, they do not have conditional logic (If I do X, it prompts X). 

Quick Breakdown




Schedule and book appointments

Contracts and invoices

Customizable/branded assets and emails

Workflows for major business tasks

Workflows for minor, organizational tasks

Calendar integration

Payment processing flexibility

Easy to use

Mobile app

Robust integrations




In conclusion, if you’re looking to get up and running with a CMS right away, Honeybook is a solid option. If you’re looking for something that offers more customization and flexibility, Dubsado might be a better choice. 

Of course, Honeybook and Dubsado aren’t the only platforms out there for small businesses. GoSite allows you to consolidate the day-to-day online operations you need to run your business. From automated messaging, payments, bookings, and review requests, to an editable and fully self-serving website. Get back to running your small business, without the busy work, by trying GoSite for free today

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